This blog was inactive for like 8 months WOW. I blame it on life and work. But anyhow. I’m doing a lot more pony art now, I forgot how much I love doing it ahh~

I have a blog separate from this one, which you CAN find here. But I really want to warn you that it is a NSFW blog. yes okay i like ponyporn now everyone knows shhhh

If you wanna follow me there, then awesome! If you don’t like nsfw pony art, then you don’t have too! Many of my pony loving friends don’t enjoy the “clopper”-esque pictures, so I understand if you don’t wanna head on over c: 

I’m not deactivating ask-gingernut just yet, but I will be soon, so really that’s where you’ll find me!

||the link again to the NSFW pony blog of mine||

||like really it’s NSFW||

||lookit that pony smut||

||my grandmother would be ashamed||


I’M ECSTATIC, AND PLANNING ON DRAWING SOMETHING FOR IT~ I just need to find the tiimmee ahhh~))


G-Gingernut I have something to tell you




raxnarok asked: Yay more friends! I wanna hugga you x3


o////////o Th-that sounds nice. I mean if you really wanted too…

i rather like this friendship ship


She doesn’t have a name or a cutie mark. (yet?)

I wanted to make a BJD’d Pony. She is the outcome~

I might make her a full fledged character someday.

((Reblogging shit from ModBlog because im lazy and I really need to get to replies im sorry fjcosikldjfkslfjs this has nothing to do with gingernut forgive me ahhh))

I think I joined up waaayyyy to late to do anything prom related, haha.

Oh well, there is always next year, perhaps??

((I’ll be getting to questions and stuff tonight! Yesterday was long and tedious, so I didn’t even approach my tablet at all. But I’ll be trying to doodle and draw up some answers very soon~ If you’re bored until then, you can always bother me on my modblog. I’m at work but I can still chat and such~))

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